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Register to become a member so that you may receive the many benefits throughout the year. Membership lasts a year and registration is done on a rolling basis so it’s never too late to register.

Register with this link and follow the directions described below:

tell-us-about-yourself-email1.) Enter your email address and “Continue”

22.) Provide information about yourself. Asterisks (*) are required information.

33.) Choose the option that best applies to you. For most people, it will be “Student” and “I am in my first professional degree program (PharmD).” Even if you’re a pharmacy technician, please choose student if you’re attending EMSOP. Then click “Next”

44.) Fill in the student demographics section with your permanent home address and Rutger’s mailing address. These can be the same or different depending on whether you live on-campus or off-campus, or if you commute.

55.) At this point, it’ll summarize your membership benefits. Your chapter should be “Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy” and the state association is “New Jersey State Membership” On the far right, it’ll include the subtotal for the total costs of becoming a 1 year member. You can also choose to auto-renew your membership by checking the box.

66.) APhA has three different academies that you can join. Automatically you will be part of ASP (Academy of Student Pharmacists), but you can choose to also add APPM (Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management) and/or APRS (Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science).┬áNote that you do NOT┬áneed to choose any additional academies. You also do NOT need to choose a primary section for APhA-APRS Section or special interest groups. Basically, if you do choose any special interest groups, you’ll receive emails regarding these communities and you can check out what these pharmacists are doing within their network.

77.) This section is all up to you! You can choose to make a donation or not. Click “Next.”

88.) You’ll be presented with a screen to review and finalize your information. If everything is correct, click “Pay Now”

99.) Enter in your credit card information to finally complete your membership!

*You should receive a confirmation email after completing your membership!*